13 lead magnet ideas for you to capture many more leads

The digital magnet, also called digital reward, delivers something of value for free to the user, which will make them provide their email to receive the content.

This is when he becomes your lead.

But this is a strategy that goes far beyond offering benefits, as you generate brand reputation, create credibility with your audience with great chances of turning them into customers.

Following the stage of the sales funnel that the user is in, you deliver what they are looking for to solve a problem.

Therefore, you are the solution and become a reference on the subject.

What are the objectives of lead magnets?

Lead magnets attract your audience through rewards, which probably wouldn’t happen if you didn’t offer the user anything.

After all, it is very unlikely that a person will join your email list voluntarily.

Of course, this can happen if she is really interested in your product or service, but with digital magnets the chances are much greater.

People will be open to receiving future information and offers and you still maintain a relationship with them.

Here’s a valuable tip: pay attention to the content you deliver. It must be something really valuable, rich and complete. Something that your lead is interested in having as a reward for the email address.

13 lead magnet ideas to capture qualified leads

We made a list of the most used digital magnets on the market, check it out!

1. ebook

The ebook is one of the best examples of digital rewards as it is complete and well-detailed content. This is one of the most used alternatives in the digital environment.

As it is a more extensive work, the ebook demands more effort from the entire company team.

Therefore, it generates more value for the user. Furthermore, this is a very common model on the internet and attracts many people.

2. Webinar

Webinars or webinars have become consolidated in the digital world, mainly due to the ease of production and after people started consuming more content of this type due to the pandemic.

You just need a computer and a microphone to start recording and share your knowledge with your “viewers”.

This is a strategy to bring your audience closer to your brand, as there you present your content and can interact with users. It is common to answer questions, which will make people feel more special as they will be answered directly.

There are two webinar models: recorded and live.

When the broadcast is in real time, it is usually publicized on social media for people to sign up. At that moment, the user provides the email and becomes a lead.

The recorded version is also an interesting mechanism, as you can create a landing page so that the content can be downloaded and watched at any time.

3. Infographic

Infographics are complete content and diagrammed in a way that captures the reader’s attention. Therefore, they are also among the main types of digital magnets.

Due to the popularity of this model, there are now free tools that make it easier to create quality material, which can generate many qualified leads for you.

4. Spreadsheet Templates

Surely you are looking for tools to make your daily life easier, right? Whether it’s marketing automation , team management or email marketing.

In addition to them, many marketing professionals look for spreadsheet models to better organize daily tasks.

Therefore, this is a very efficient lead magnet, as you will help the user to be more productive and in return they will leave the email.

There are several examples of templates on the market, for each niche. It can be annual calendars, such as types of contracts, letters and notices…

5. Discount coupon

It’s not new that discounts are a great digital magnet, whether in the physical or digital environment. And for those who work online, this is an extremely viable and efficient alternative.

The discount coupon can be distributed in different ways, such as in a webinar, in which you offer a course only to people who are participating in that live meeting.

Or, you can attract the lead to access your website and receive a discount that will only be available for a certain period and for an exact number of people.

6. Online courses

As we already said, the idea of ​​digital magnets is to offer something free to the user. Therefore, you need to analyze whether giving access to your online courses at no cost will be worth it, as it is a type of content that requires greater effort and investment.

What you can also do is make just one free class available and offer a discount for the user to purchase the full course.

7. Sweepstakes and contests

You may have already seen several companies running contests and sweepstakes on social media, as this is an increasingly common practice. Generally, the objective is to increase the number of followers and generate more visibility for the brand.

But you can also apply this strategy to  generate leads . Through a landing page, where users register and participate in a draw for your product or service.

8. Article series

Article series are also an interesting lead magnet. Ideally, you should create content that brings your business closer to your audience and that can be accessed through a landing page.

You can send articles from time to time via email or offer one-time access.

But, pay attention! The texts must make the user interested in becoming a “subscriber”.

9. Free Trial

When you sell software, it is recommended that you offer a free trial version to the user.

You can offer 7 days free of charge for him to use the tool and understand how it will be used for his business.

This practice is very common in the market and there are different deadlines, such as 7, 15 and 30 days.

10. Quiz

The quiz format has been quite successful among users too, as tests generally encourage people to participate. Therefore, it is a technique that can attract your leads, especially if you manage to insert a little humor into the questions.

And remember: sharing should be allowed, which is great for your business.

Digital magnets are a great alternative for you to attract and nurture leads. Always think about delivering quality content that truly meets user expectations.

Also check which format is ideal for you, the one that will significantly increase your conversions and generate reputation for your brand.

11. Content trails

Content trails are a sequence of articles, videos, or other content designed to educate or inform your prospects.

They can be used to address a specific topic or to provide an overview of a broader subject.

This content series could be a preview of something bigger that your company can offer. Strengthening sales strategies for online courses, for example.

12. Application

Apps are great tools that companies have at their disposal to develop their business.

As a digital magnet, it can be a showcase for your business, showing offers and products to your audience.

Of course, offer more than just a large marketplace, something that can attract your audience to download the app on their cell phone.

13. Communities

Communities are ways of bringing your audience together in a certain space. And often virtual, like WhatsApp groups or forums.

Here, the idea is to create a place for debates and discussions about your niche, so that your business is the mediator, can capture information to improve strategies and, of course, offer.

People, especially in the professional field, are likely to participate in spaces that promote their niche. Therefore, communities become a great way to even get closer to this audience.

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