5 ways to use artificial intelligence in WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website but need a hand generating content? Do you want to ensure that it appears on the first pages of search engines? Know that it is possible to use artificial intelligence in WordPress to help with this and many other tasks.

In the following lines, we will talk about how to apply artificial intelligence to WordPress so that you can offer even better content to your audience. Let’s go?

How to use artificial intelligence in WordPress?

In WordPress, you are supported by AI tools that can help you with content, visuals, and mechanisms behind the layout that will benefit your business or brand. We will talk about them in the following lines.

1. Translation

The first way to apply artificial intelligence to WordPress is to translate your website into different languages.

Today, language does not need to be an obstacle for you to have a website accessible to everyone across the world. Tools that use artificial intelligence can help make your website global, making it easier to change the language in which it is presented.

With an AI-powered translation plugin like Weglot, your WordPress site is easily available in multiple languages. This tool translates your content, and has another advantage: it ensures that each translated page or post appears in Google searches.

2. SEO

Speaking of appearing in Google searches, another way to apply artificial intelligence in WordPress is precisely in SEO optimization tasks .

AI can change how you approach your SEO strategy or create one if you haven’t already. More than simply choosing keywords , we’re talking about creating content that’s optimized and genuinely valuable for your audience. This is because the AI ​​tools dedicated to this use analyze the content and suggest improvements.

Additionally, they can help predict how your website will fare in search engine rankings . To help with this task, you can use a WordPress plugin called Rank Math Content, which helps optimize your content for SEO.

3. Images

A website doesn’t live on words alone, right? Visual content is the life of many of them, and an incredible use of AI, beyond generation, is image optimization.

Heavy image files can often slow down your website’s loading and performance. Therefore, it is quite common to compress these files to make the images lighter and easier to load. And that’s where one of the many ways to optimize images with artificial intelligence comes in.

If this is what you are looking for, Short Pixel could be an ideal plugin for you. It uses artificial intelligence in WordPress to reduce file sizes while maintaining the visual quality of images.

4. Website Forms

Another way to use artificial intelligence in WordPress is to enrich your website’s forms , whether for contact, registration, search or to provide access to specific content.

Forms are the backbone of any website or e-commerce . It is through them that you can collect information, generate business opportunities and facilitate interactions with your customer. It’s worth remembering, managing and optimizing forms can be a tedious and costly task.

The good news is that artificial intelligence can do a good job for you in this regard, as it can help generate, customize and personalize any form. And it can also help you when it comes to making data and information useful and easy for you to understand.

A tool that brings the power of artificial intelligence to your WordPress website forms is Formidable Forms, which makes it easy to develop forms, visualize and manage this data.

However, the most incredible thing is that, by integrating this tool with OpenAI, you can generate content based on the information collected in the form.

5. Create specialized solutions

By applying artificial intelligence to WordPress, you can develop personalized solutions for your website in a simple way. This way, your WordPress website will meet your needs, in addition to reflecting your brand identity in the best possible way.

And do you know what that means? That with the help of AI, you can make your website truly unique and highlight the value of your business , and one of the easiest ways to do this is with Code WP.

This tool uses AI to write custom code snippets for your WordPress website. This makes it easier to create solutions adapted to your needs.

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