Native ads: what it is and how to plan an online advertising campaign

Native ads are less invasive advertising . Native advertising are ads that do not appear to be an ad, but rather part of the content that a user is consuming.

They are banners that appear on blog and website content and emails.

Native advertising is used to expand the growth fronts of a business, so it is essential to create strategies aligned with the virtual world and its particularities, such as advertising media and personas .

Therefore, online advertising is always a path that can bring faster returns. But you need to be careful when advertising and not just stick to more traditional platforms, like Google Ads.

If you’re not yet familiar with native advertising, follow this post until the end and discover how it can be perfect for your business!

What is native ads?

Native Ads is native advertising present on a website or social network that appears to be part of the content accessed.

This type of advertising is less “intrusive”, so to speak, because the idea is that the ad is like an element of the page — bothering the user less.

It’s not difficult to find native ads on the internet. In Gmail, they are like an incoming email, but always with an ad highlight next to it.

What are the main differences between Native ads and other ads?

The main difference between Native Ads and other types of ads is the way they present themselves and the results they generate. Which, in fact, differentiates every ad.

At Google, advertising mechanisms are mainly focused on buying keywords and displays.

With the purchase of keywords, a company will have an ad shown every time a person searches for the term in question.

As for display advertising , a method that has a huge impact on the public, what counts is the segmentation chosen by your strategy.

It appears according to user searches at different times, but mainly in the middle of content on sites that enable this type of advertising.

The display is used to sell a product related to the public’s interest.

Another very popular Ads are those on social, where Meta Ads is the main platform. In this case, there may be brand expansion campaigns.

Native Ads are different from others, mainly because they consider the way to display the ad and the moment.

It is not highlighted, although it may have a tag indicating that it is an advertisement. Native ad can easily be confused with a content element.

The main objective of this ad is to generate traffic on the website or present content that the user is not familiar with.

How to make native ads?

Like any ad, a native ads campaign needs to be well thought out and planned.

Check out the best steps to create efficient native ads!

Know your audience

Any marketing strategy needs to have a specific audience . Age, location, education and main topics of interest are fundamental data.

What are the consumption patterns of this audience? How does he interact on the internet? In which media are they present?

These questions help guide your strategy, in addition to establishing which channels you should use to create native advertising. These channels can be blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn , Instagram and Twitter .

There are so many options that only reinforce the importance of knowing your persona very well to know exactly where to invest in your campaign.

Show relevance

Knowing who you are, knowing who you are, where this audience is and how they communicate gives you the perfect opportunity to attract an audience.

And, to retain the public, you have to offer an interesting, relevant experience that meets these people’s consumer desires.

With a lot of creativity and, of course, a lot of study of all these points you have read so far, you will convert these visitors into sales.

Have a good title

Your native ads need a title that enchants the reader. Use your creativity and write great texts for this ad.

Just be careful not to resort to clickbait . This practice is completely wrong and can have serious consequences for your online business. This means that your titles must be aligned with the content behind them.

What are the advantages of native ads?

It is always necessary to emphasize that, when a marketing campaign is good, it covers several advertising techniques, not just one.

Even though native ads can have many advantages and bring some benefits that other types would not, do not just consider them in your strategy. But yes, they have many benefits, and you will read a little about each now.

They are not invasive

This is one of the main advantages of native ads. Invasive marketing often disrupts the reader’s experience of certain content: either because it has no relation to the subject or because it is too flashy and appears at an inopportune moment.

Native ads don’t have this. They are normally positioned at the end of the text or even in the middle , but in a way that does not interfere with reading.

They look like part of the website

These advertisements are tailor-made for each place where they will be displayed, incorporating themselves into the look and layout of the website.

Therefore, native ads are not extravagant or attract too much attention. The website in question remains “clean” and your ad will be seen favorably by Internet users.

And most importantly: it doesn’t interfere with reading, attracting a lot of attention and no longer being seen as the person scrolls down the page.

They are well identified

Even though they are very subtle, these ads clearly identify that they are advertisements.

Just because they look like an element of the website doesn’t mean they will trick you with it. There is always a visible indication with terms such as “Sponsored Link”, “Advertisement”, “Related Articles” next to the advertising.

High acceptance

Because they are less intrusive, native ads are always well-regarded. They do not force the reader to click on the content , which always gives greater acceptance among people.

Another factor that adds to this is the fact that native advertising is very targeted according to the person’s content preferences. Therefore, the reader will always have advertisements that relate to the taste and experience of the potential consumer.

Expand and improve the consumer experience

Precisely because it always relates to the content where it is advertised, native ads are a tool that amplifies the user experience , whether by offering relevant content or by simply not disturbing the reading of a text.

It doesn’t irritate or draw attention, it simply offers an advertisement, in a light and fluid way, that you can ignore. This, for many consumers, makes all the difference when deciding to buy.

Increases your website traffic

Finally, a result of all the benefits you have read so far.

With all these characteristics, native advertising campaigns convert more visits to a blog, online store or website that advertises in this way.

Many new visitors may be people who didn’t even know your brand, for example, which can be essential for reaching new customers.

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