TikTok Analytics: how to interpret data and boost your account

TikTok is already one of the main platforms for creating content for different niches . And to help creators, it offers a metrics analysis feature that everyone who wants to grow needs to know: TikTok Analytics.

The analytics tool helps users understand how their content is performing, offering data that can help them understand their audience better.

Not to mention that a good analysis on this platform can let you know which types of videos most engage your audience.

Do you know TikTok Analytics? If you want to know more about the tool, read on.

What is TikTok Analytics?

TikTok Analytics is the social network’s data analysis tool. With it, you can analyze and compare engagement information and extract references from your audience, such as age, gender and location.

This entire set of data offered by TikTok Analytics allows you to better understand your audience and understand which content performs best with them.

The tool is ideal and extremely necessary for creators of all types trying to make it big on TikTok, a social network that has already established itself as one of the most popular in the world and with high virality power, even in other media.

TikTok Analytics is available on every social network account, simply access the three dots under profile and “Creator Tools”. There, you will find the “Analytics” button.

How to use TikTok Analytics in your digital strategy?

Every person or company that wants to use TikTok as a marketing tool needs to know Analytics to extract insights about their content and audience. This is the main function of the platform for those who want to grow and boost their profile.

Thanks to the data generated by TikTok Analytics, it is possible to increasingly personalize your content, whether to generate more engagement or even become better known and viral on the network.

Without forgetting that TikTok has already become an option for a customer acquisition channel, which can be an advantage for those companies that want to expand their business.

Therefore, the use of TikTok Analytics can be a big differentiator in your strategy precisely because it helps and better understands the profile of your audience and delivers content that can engage them.

Key TikTok Analytics metrics

To use TikTok Analytics in your strategy, you need to know what metrics the platform offers so you can understand your audience and recognize the most successful content.

But, to do this, you need to understand that Analytics offers four types of reports to interpret this data: overview, content, followers and live.

In this report it is possible to have data on your content in general. In it, it is possible to interpret data that shows the main actions and engagement on your social network in a pre-determined period of time.

The data you track in this report are:

  • Video views : the number of times your posts were viewed in the period;
  • Profile Views: Shows how many times your profile has been viewed by people. With it, you can understand the reach of your profile;
  • Likes: shows the number of likes that the content generated during this period;
  • Comments: total number over the period;
  • Shares : shows the share number;
  • Followers : how many people follow you on TikTok;
  • Content : the number of posts in the selected period;
  • Live : the number of times you have broadcast live to your audience.

Content Report

In this report, you can find the metrics for your most popular content. It’s a great way to understand which one performs best and best for your audience.

This time, the metrics are detailed by content, that is, the numbers of each publication you made over the selected time.

  • Total views per video;
  • Total likes for each publication;
  • Time that people watched the videos, in this case, the metric helps to understand the ideal time for each publication according to the public’s tastes;
  • Trending videos: a compilation of trends that your followers are engaging with most. A great insight tool for producing hyped content;
  • Average viewing time;
  • Videos watched in full: shows how many times the content was watched in full, that is, the ones that caught your audience’s attention the most;
  • Reach: how many people watched your videos;
  • Video viewing by section: this metric tells you in which section people are viewing your content, whether from For You, directly from the profile, through followers, through searches, through music or through hashtags.
  • Video viewing by region: this is another geographic metric, as it indicates which cities and countries the people who watch your content are in.

Follower Report

In this report, you have details that help you know your audience better.

Check out:

  • Gender;
  • Location;
  • Follower activity: this is data that helps you understand audience behavior, such as the most frequent times and days of greatest activity on your profile;
  • Videos that your followers watch: these are the most watched content among your audience, another source of creation for your publications;
  • Sounds that your followers listen to: these are the most frequent music tracks in your audience. A great way to understand what songs are trending.

Live report

Finally, the report helps you understand your live content. Here, you can find out if your lives on TikTok generate more followers and what their engagement is like.

  • Total views: is the sum of people who watched your lives during the period;
  • Total time : this is the complete minute of your lives in the period;
  • New followers: how many people started following you during a live;
  • Top viewer count: gives the maximum number of users who watched live at the same time;
  • Unique viewers: this is a metric that helps you understand how many people watched your live, disregarding the number of times they watched it;
  • Diamonds: these are gifts sent by followers, which can be converted into money.

As you can see, TikTok Analytics is a powerful tool for creating content on the social network.

It can also provide other metrics in addition to these, such as hashtag views, total likes and engagement rates.

All the data that contributes to a good creator campaign. By analyzing well and understanding your audience, you can turn your profile into a powerhouse of engagement.

Finally, our tip is to keep an eye on what’s new on the app. On TikTok, famous trends become excellent opportunities to produce content with more visibility.

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